Heart Broke Open

Coming Full Circle

Coming Full Circle One year after Heart Broke Open ends A little over a year ago, I had said ‘yes’ to a crazy idea.  A sailor, who I didn’t know, would come to rescue me out of my own storm in Paradise, California.  He whisked me away to a magical island, called Orcas Island, in […]

The Great Change   http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6OXbwRUpr94

All is in Divine Order during this Changing Time

Today, many of you are really feeling the grief, loss, and hopeless despair over the recent changes happening in our country.  If so, please watch this video below to help you return back to your heart center.  Hold steady with me as we brace for change.  There is a great clearing that is happening.  If […]

Nurturing Consciousness

Fall is Nurturing Consciousness

Nurturing Consciousness Fallen apples, brown grass, and cooler temperatures signal our short summer is nearing its end.  The plants are no longer bursting forth with joy singing to the warmth of   sunshine.  Nature is preparing  herself for the winter months to come and she is kind enough to give us the season of Fall.  Spring […]


Season of Letting Go: Maui Vision Article

In this article, discover how nature seems to show us what we need to do during the changing of the seasons.


Emissaries of Aloha: Maui Vision Article

Experience the Aloha Energy that is available to you really anywhere on the planet. This was such an amazing day connecting with these beautiful, dynamic women.  


Trusting to heal when your heart is broken open

Testimonials “Greetings to you!  I read the book cover to cover in two sittings.  I wanted to reach out and let you know how much I enjoyed it.  Both hearing your full story and learning about the healing journey were extremely useful to me.  Thank you so much for this generous book…..  I hope there […]

kuan yin statue

Season of Fall: Letting Go versus Holding On

Healing runs deeper than a pil

Unconditional Love – giving and receiving

Aloha Retrograde – finding peace in chaos

Video Blog: Healing Ancestral Wounds