I’m so happy to offer my own healing journey through Lyme’s Disease in my just-released book, “Heart Broke Open” available on Amazon. BUY NOW

Share in my epic six month pilgrimage to heal every part of me, which begins with a leap of faith-out of the rainy Pacific Northwest and into the warmer waters of Hawaii.  The power of the islands begin to wield my journey into something I didn’t expect.  My old life burns to the ground in heartbreak, health issues, and betrayal from both those I love as well as my own body.  I am in the midst of Lyme disease, homeless and alone.  Relying solely on my intuition, the enchanting lessons of the Aloha spirit lead me to realize my journey must go deeper to face everything that lingers in my broken heart.  Surrendering onto an unexpected and unknown path before me, I leave the comfort of paradise and bravely venture into the Nevada desert for intense treatment.  Alone.

I am continually tested, facing the Shaman’s death, to transcend out of the ashes of my old life.  Miracles and blessings begin to change every part of me in ways I never would have expected.  Relying on the help of strangers, my life is re-birthed into divine surrender where grace leads me home to another magical island and a paradise found within my own self.

Heart Broke Open sweetly weaves this true heart’s tale revealing extraordinary lessons discovered throughout my journey to heal my broken-opened heart.  I may even inspire you to take the first step on your own healing journey.  Heart Broke Open is dedicated to anyone seeking healing, change, and a way to free your heart with the openness to surrender into the mysteries of the unknown.