Chronic Healing Journey

The Heart of
the Matter

Welcome!  I already know you are amazing, courageous, have sacrificed a lot, and are searching for some way to ease your suffering.

I offer my guidance in traversing the deep recesses of your soul.

You will learn to understand what pain and your body are trying to tell you.Your body is trying to talk to you all the time.  Pushing out the pain, ignoring those sensations is like throwing away a treasure map to your healing.

How to listen to your own internal wisdom.                                                                                                                    

Help you to shift the perspectives that have you trapped in your current reality.

Find empowerment in your life circumstance.

Release old perceptions of your ancestry and past wounds.

I experience firsthand what it means to be on a perpetual healing journey.

I understand the feeling of helplessness, isolation, and the emotions that come with an unexpected shift in your life.  

Through it all my soul’s journey has learned the roots to what causes illness emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

A life changing transformation was required to heal ALL of me….

I had to travel into the heart of the matter to what wasn’t in alignment with the nature of my soul.  

We can take as many pills as we need, get that surgery, try that new therapy, but at the end of the day, that gnawing feeling in your gut, the constricted heaviness you feel in your heart, and the undercurrent of unhappiness that you try to ignore is what we all must face if we choose.

Here are a few tips to get you started!

  • Belief, trust, forgiveness, and love are the magic ingredients for healing and change.
  • Acceptance creates movement where we once were stuck.
  • Courage helps us to see the truth of our heart.
  • True change requires a leap of faith into the unknown.
  • Freeing yourself from old perceptions makes more energy for the body.
  • Holding onto old wounds sucks energy from the body.
  • Health challenges are opportunities to find your authentic truth.
  • You deserve your best life! Only you can make that happen. 
  • Change happens slowly, patience sweet one
  • Our ancestry plays a major part in our soul’s journey, understanding the emotional patterns of our family is important in learning to love and trust yourself.
  • The world is your classroom for awakening and healing. Understanding the earth we are standing upon is integral for change.
  • When your heart is happy, you are alive!
  • Your inner happiness is not dependent upon your physical body working.
  • You are always home, with every step you take, you are home.  


Are you ready to get to the heart of the matter?

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