Intuitive Energy Healing

Get Inspired

(Skype or In Person)

  • Learn to listen to your own innate wisdom and internal compass for clarity
  • Experience an opening in your body to release old wounds, negative feelings, and unresolved emotions
  • Move out of isolation and into connection
  • Embrace the divine light that is already in you to heal
  • Feel confident again with your own path to heal

Healing techniques involve working at a level beyond the physical and into the realm of the soul.

During a session I connect to your energy body, guides, and soul path to help you understand the root cause of your struggles.  Ancestral connections, soul wounds, self sabotage, fear, and family expectation can all impede what we need for this life path.  We will work together to find compassion and understanding, so that you can process these wounds and move forward in your life.

I have integrated my own experiences to heal, using my intuition, and the myriad of training in spiritual healing, energy medicine, and East Asian Medicine and Naturopathic medicine to realign the body, mind and spirit back to their divine essence.

These powerful intuitive healing sessions help you to re-remember…

who you were born to be and holds the capacity to create great change in your life.  It is with this change that stagnant energy moves out and your own internal healing begins to create space for vitality, clarity, and wholeness.


Start your healing journey today.