Sessions with Sahara


Personal Sacred Session

A personal session will awaken a place inside of you that has been yearning to heal, be free, and live a most vibrant life.  Together, we bring what is held in your soul into your waking reality to help set you free of perspectives that no longer serve the person you are becoming.

I am excited to show you the way!  

During a personal Energy Healing Session you will….

  • Find clarity when we connect to the energy of your soul to explore the complex beauty that is you.   
  • Free yourself of ancestral patterns that affect you from living your best life.  
  • Feel safe to explore  old wounds of the past that are still operating at a cellular level to create illness or impede you from living the truth in your heart .
  • Discover how all of these factors are affecting your overall health
  • Transcend what ails you with love, helpful tools to get you on track, and compassion to move through old stuck beliefs

Be at ease…

  • Skype or In Person? Near or far makes no difference, I am working in another realm to help you clear the old to step into the new. 
  • All is in perfect order for you are right where you need to be to learn the lessons for you soul.
  • Opening your heart will free you and your cells that innately want to thrive.  
  • You are full of light, possibility, miracles, and joy.  A most amazing healing experience awaits, I can’t wait help you fly!