Healing with Sahara

EXPERIENCE healing at a profound, soul level that will set you free from old wounds and point you down a path of true transformation and authentic living  See more >>

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS are held in sacred space via Skype or join me on Maui, Hawaii for private one-on-one sessions.  See more >>

LYME WARRIOR you are so amazing!  You are stronger than you know, more patient than you realize, and have the capacity to heal your life situation with compassion and unconditional love.  I have been around the block a few times with my own Lyme journey, just like you.  Sign up for a personal healing session right from the comfort of your home.    See more >>

UPCOMING RETREATS   Hawaii 2017, Awakening the Healer in You  See more >>

SCHEDULING  Intuitive Healing Sessions are always available on Skype.  See more >>

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